CNBC Europe featured Left Brain Capital Management CEO, Noland Langford, to discuss the prospects for Valeant - one of the largest holdings in the Left Brain portfolio - ahead of the company's earnings announcement.

The Street

On the 'Street Signs' program, Langford details some of the firm's analysis in forecasting a more stable future for Valeant and why the bonds continue to look like a viable option for investors.  

The Street

“We’ve still got a long way to go…and I think the shares are just getting going.”
Noland Langford offers insight on why some of Left Brain’s favorite stocks could double in price over the next few years in a series of video interviews with TheStreet. Sharing fundamental analysis on a range of variables including balance sheet structure, executive compensation and market momentum, Noland explains why American Airlines, Health Equity, Five Below and Freeport McMorAn may have room to run for investors.

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An introduction to our firm, how we think and what we aim to achieve for investors.

The Left Brain Capital Appreciation Fund

An overview of how our flagship fund is intelligently structured to achieve capital appreciation.

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