In a crowded market, finding capital growth requires an original, unrestricted and divergent approach.

The Left Brain Capital Appreciation Fund represents differentiated thinking to the investment ethos that prevails today.


Our Investment Approach

The Left Brain Capital Appreciation Fund


Original Ideas

We find opportunities that managers with shorter investment timeframes ignore.

Our ideas are thoroughly assessed through a proprietary system.

We’re sometimes contrarian, but always focused on the long run.

Detailed Analysis

We apply fundamental, technical and quantitative analysis to investments.

Our team looks at equity with a fixed-income lens and bonds with an equity lens.

We look for points of strength that signal the ability to perform in various market conditions.


A portfolio of 20-30 positions, built only on our favorite ideas.

The ability to allocate up to 25% of the fund into a single holding.

We invest and allocate with a high level of conviction.


The fund purposely started carefully, by design, and launched with seed capital from a carefully selected group of high net worth individuals who are long-term investors to allow us time to showcase the strength of our strategies. The fund is designed to maximize returns by focusing on a concentrated portfolio that is long biased. Using a proprietary system, we choose our holdings based on using a mix of Fundamental, Technical, and Quantitative factors. What makes us unique is that we evaluate securities in both the equities and debt markets.

The goal of the fund is to return 5x in ten years.

That is an after-fee return of 17% annually.